Tuesday, August 08, 2006


I'm sitting in Oakland, CA with Craig Gross & J.R. Manoh from Triple X church. Dave from Grand Rapids MI, and Dave Vahey is shooting the whole tour for a movie.

The day started with Kim from Mission year. She helps just about anyone in the Oakland area. The group bagged up 135 bags and handed them out in a Asian neighborhood downtown. The dude that was translating for us was Miller he grew up in China and now is living in Oakland.

The next stop Kim took us to was a coroner store where we kicked it with Luke and Hendrick. It was a thrift store but it was easily the coolest thrift store I've ever stepped in to. The store was a the heart of the neighborhood for the kids. They pack in the store before and after school to buy candy for barely anything and hang out.

The next stop was the house where the women of Mission year lived. We were there just talk about how God has changed the way they look at life. It was amazing how this young girls live. They have gone a whole year with no T.V, or internet WOW.

The forth and finely stop till we off to Sac was the Golden Gate park. J.R. being the in shape 40 year old that he is brought a pew and carried it out for a few quick photos with Craig Gross and J.R. Mahon with the bridge in the back ground.


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