Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Today Craig & J.R. spoke today at Arcade church in Sacramento. We picked up Dave The Horn ( (davethehornguy.com) @ Blain Hogan ( www.sendblainetomars.com ) from Fox's Prison Break on the way up here! Both have awesome stories so check them out! Blain had this awesome tin foil out fit on. It was the first talk of the tour and it went great!

At the end of the day the crew had signed up 62 compassion kids. Which helps the reach their goals of 500 kids by the end of the 40 days. You can sponsor a kid by going to www.compassion.com.

There has been so many positive things going on from everyone on the tour so far! I mean everyone is helping. I was snapping some photos and talking to J.R and I watched a little girl no older than 8 run up to J.R. and give him a balled up 100 bill. She said to J.R. "where can I give to the other kids". This was amazing to see her & parents help out.

Right before the second service started the Local NBC and Fox affiliates showed up and interviewed Craig & J.R. Also the way down to the L.A. area J.R. was on a radio show in Baltimore MD. T

When we reached L.A. my good friend Missy came drove all the way from Santa Barbara to come pick me. She met all the guys and we sat around a chatted for a bit. I was bummed to leave but I'm going to try to make it out on my break for the last leg of the tour!


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