Monday, June 25, 2007

Mendocino CA

Today I went up to Mendocino with Missy, Dre, and Dede. I’ve been there once with my friend Mallory but I didn’t bring my camera. We walked around down town, and had lunch at a sandwich shop. They had a lot of stores that would be classified as “Mom” or “Girl” stores. There were a lot of galleries that I enjoyed. I had a fun time taking photos of the town while they shopped. Afterwards we drove along the coast and snapped a few photos. Anyways were back in Ukiah here’s a few photo.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Energizer Encore

Demand an Energizer Encore with Eventful!
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Events and Demands by Eventful

Copy the code below and add this sticker to your page:

Some of you know I'll be hanging out with Pepper for two of the Vans Warpped Tour this year in Ventura, & Shoreline, CA to take photos of them. I'm REALLY excited for Warpped Tour this year! I've never been so it should be a great time.

Pepper has entered the "Energizer Encore" Promotion and they are in need of all the help they can get. Below is a code for the button that allows you to vote and I am asking you all to post this button on your personal and/or company websites and encourage people to vote for them all day everyday!!
You can vote as many times as you like for whatever shows you want to! Voting for each show ends 3 days prior to the show and voting began Wednesday May 30th. If Pepper wins they will receive and additional 10 minutes to their set and lots of exposure as the MOST WANTED BAND!!!