Saturday, August 26, 2006

Los Lonely Boys

Last Friday I was given a photo pass for the Los Lonely Boys at the Santa Barbara Bowl. I meet a bunch of news paper photogs they were all fun to talk with. All in all I had a great time. Here are the photos check em' out!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

This week-end....

HEY! This week-end has been so laid back. I've been able to catch up on just about everything that I've been meaning to. Even watch a few movies. Also on Friday night we got together and put this small shoot together. Here's the images let me know what you think!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Hoping back on the RV baby! Yea!

I had so much fun last week-end with Starving Jesus guys. I'm hoping back on tour with them for a whole week in Sept. Here's the dates if you live in one of the stop come on by! Best of all I get to go home for a few days and hang out with the family. They might even make it out to the PA date I'm stoke!

sept 04 cincinnati, oh
sept 05 canton, oh
sept 06 pittsburgh, pa
sept 07 washington, dc
sept 08 baltimore, md
sept 09 virginia beach, va

Oh and the image was takin' by my friend I meet last week Eric Cotter. He's a great guy and amzing photog!

Monday, August 14, 2006

This weeks photo shoot..

Saturday a group of us when down to Henry's beach in Santa Barbara and tried replicate an American Eagle add. Here's a few images. Matt did a great job running around with the strobes. As far as my model I couldn't have asked for a better one. Great job guys you rock! I can't wait till this next weeks shoot!

Fridays Wedding....

This past Friday I had the chance to work with an amzing photographer Salina Dews who owns We had a great time working with the bride & groom! It was a beautiful wedding in Santa Barbara at the Becara! Check out a few of the images!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Today Craig & J.R. spoke today at Arcade church in Sacramento. We picked up Dave The Horn ( ( @ Blain Hogan ( ) from Fox's Prison Break on the way up here! Both have awesome stories so check them out! Blain had this awesome tin foil out fit on. It was the first talk of the tour and it went great!

At the end of the day the crew had signed up 62 compassion kids. Which helps the reach their goals of 500 kids by the end of the 40 days. You can sponsor a kid by going to

There has been so many positive things going on from everyone on the tour so far! I mean everyone is helping. I was snapping some photos and talking to J.R and I watched a little girl no older than 8 run up to J.R. and give him a balled up 100 bill. She said to J.R. "where can I give to the other kids". This was amazing to see her & parents help out.

Right before the second service started the Local NBC and Fox affiliates showed up and interviewed Craig & J.R. Also the way down to the L.A. area J.R. was on a radio show in Baltimore MD. T

When we reached L.A. my good friend Missy came drove all the way from Santa Barbara to come pick me. She met all the guys and we sat around a chatted for a bit. I was bummed to leave but I'm going to try to make it out on my break for the last leg of the tour!


I'm sitting in Oakland, CA with Craig Gross & J.R. Manoh from Triple X church. Dave from Grand Rapids MI, and Dave Vahey is shooting the whole tour for a movie.

The day started with Kim from Mission year. She helps just about anyone in the Oakland area. The group bagged up 135 bags and handed them out in a Asian neighborhood downtown. The dude that was translating for us was Miller he grew up in China and now is living in Oakland.

The next stop Kim took us to was a coroner store where we kicked it with Luke and Hendrick. It was a thrift store but it was easily the coolest thrift store I've ever stepped in to. The store was a the heart of the neighborhood for the kids. They pack in the store before and after school to buy candy for barely anything and hang out.

The next stop was the house where the women of Mission year lived. We were there just talk about how God has changed the way they look at life. It was amazing how this young girls live. They have gone a whole year with no T.V, or internet WOW.

The forth and finely stop till we off to Sac was the Golden Gate park. J.R. being the in shape 40 year old that he is brought a pew and carried it out for a few quick photos with Craig Gross and J.R. Mahon with the bridge in the back ground.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Another shoot...

I'm so lucky! I have the best friends in the world and don't know what I'd do with out them! Matt, Gerrick, Bree ee ee ee, Missy, and myself all got together and helped me out big time last Sunday night for a shoot. Here's a few images from the night let me know what you think...

Bay area!

I'm just made it to the hotel in Oakland after a long day of traveling. We were delayed by two hours which was a bummer! Then it took for ever to get in to the bay. But when I saw the bay bridge it was a big relief and was totally worth it! I'm out here with the guys from triple X church documenting the Starving for Jesus tour! Tomorrow is the kick off for a 40 day tour for these guys. I'll be posting images all week-end so keep an eye out!

PS I stole this image from google...