Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Pittsburgh PA

We checked in the hotel, and are resting before tonights talk. Dave The Driver drove from Canton to Pittsburgh today. Then met up with Mike from a local church. From there we were off to help a organization that helps young women with un planed pregnancys. There J.R. and Craig sorted clothes for the kids. The next stop was the hospital and there the crew served lunch to the familys that were at the ICU waiting rooms. Then we headed down town Pittsburg were Craig and J.R. Chained themself to the pew on a street corner. We meet a guy who owns hot dog stands all over the city. Gave us lunch which was awsome! A few Pittsburgh news paper reporters and photographers came out and are did a store on them! Check back later tonight for more images. Be sure to watch the new video of J.R. and Dave The Driver barking at each other at!!!!!


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