Wednesday, September 06, 2006

PA Talk...

Tonight again was a big night for compasion kids. The crew signed up a ton of childern. This is a such an amzing group of people. Craig and J.R. are really out there changing peoples lives and motiving them to get out there and do something! It's not only Craig and J.R. it's everyone that's is part of the tour. David the the driver has a system down, and is awsome at what he does. He make sure that everything get off the R.V. and set up in time for the events. After the talks he's running around signing people up answering qustions. Then packs it all up and fit all the junk back in the R.V.. Gets in the drivers sit and drives to the next city. While all that is going around there is Cilton whos is making the movie. This guy is going to need a months worth of sleep after the tour. He runs around with a huge camera all day. Then when everyone is sleeping he's backing up all the footage and then running is design company. Today I think he went on like 2 or 3 hours of sleep. Once again this group is out there making a difference in the world! Amzing! Check out the click from tonight.


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